Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response and Updates for Clients, Families, and Referents

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Updated June 3rd, 2021:

COVID-19 Awareness & Information

As a treatment center, we already follow incredibly strict health and safety guidelines. As we have become highly prepared to maintain this level of safety through this pandemic, the staff is required to wear masks at all times, as well as any clients within their first 14 days of treatment.

We are ready to screen and accept clients from all areas of the country

We are taking extreme precautionary measures to ensure our clients’ safety as well as ensuring their comfort and concerns are continuously managed during this time and attempting to reduce anxiety for our clients in an uncertain situation.

The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is always our main concern, so we wanted to keep you updated on the precautions we are taking at all our facilities, including our residences.

As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has been changing almost on a daily basis and if you’re like us, you’ve been keeping up with the new information as it comes out. We are following CDC, DOH, and WHO guidelines of infection protocol.

“Our goal is to always keep our clients & your loved ones safer in our care than anywhere else.”

We have unique protocols set in place which include specific quarantine procedures and group protocols specifically designed to keep all of our clients and staff safe while following all laws and guidelines.

Across the facilities we have implemented:

    • Any in-person visits will require each person to have their temperature checked upon arrival
    • All staff and visitors are to be wearing masks.
    • Increased housekeeping and sanitizing procedures for infection control, specifically in areas of high usage such as door handles, communal areas, etc.
    • Increased sanitary supplies including antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, bleach, and disinfectant sprays.
    • We have increased cleaning and maintenance for a complete and thorough wipe down of all residences and common areas.
    • Additional staff training and education on appropriate hygiene protocols and all staff is aware of all prevention, management, and containment protocols.
    • All employees who show any potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent tested and not allowed to return until cleared medically.

For our clients:

  • All clients are required to wear masks.
  • Hand hygiene and social distancing will be encouraged.
  • All new clients will be prescreened with specific questions relating to the coronavirus and recommended by the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization).
  • All new clients will be admitted into our Summit location and separate from the community while under 48-hour observation for fevers, coughing, or symptoms of illness.
  • Clients will have a rapid COVID antigen test upon admission and if any signs and symptoms appear or possible exposure risks present.
  • Clients have been instructed to report to medical staff any symptoms.
  • Facilitating for the vaccine to be brought in as it is available and to allowing clients to attend any follow up vaccine appointments.

We are constantly monitoring daily updates

From the DOH and the CDC as well as the FL Department of Health, key government, regulatory, and local entities for the latest information and guidelines. As a treatment center, we already follow incredibly strict health and safety guidelines including frequent sanitation and medical infection control procedures. We want to keep everyone updated and aware of how we are continuously working to keep up with the changing guidelines as they come out. Our goal is to continue to provide the best care for our clients and staff in the safest way possible.

Regarding Family Weekend:

At Transformations, we take the safety of our clients and families very seriously. With that in mind, we have implemented virtual family weekends for the remainder of the year. Keith Berger, our Coordinator of Family Integrated Services, is available to support the families of our clients at any time. We are having each therapist offer the families’ full phone therapy sessions with the client if desired. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our clinical department: (561) 819-0620.

Telehealth Options Available

Our Outpatient Team will be offering IOP services and will hold three-hour group sessions, three days per week via telehealth. OP clients will be offered individual sessions and a one hour group each week. These clients will also have access to psychiatric care via telehealth. No special hardware is required — most cell phones will work.

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