How Our Center Treats Trauma and PTSD

Most people will experience a traumatic event within their lifetimes. The psychological effects can range from minor to severe, but coping with trauma and PTSD is always a difficult endeavor. Fortunately, there are countless treatment options that can help trauma and PTSD victims recover from what they’ve experienced. The trick is finding the right therapeutic approach.

At Transformations Mending Fences, we take our commitment to clients seriously. We start by sitting down with every individual and identifying their specific needs. Our PTSD treatment center has a range of treatment options geared toward building customized plans for coping with trauma. Review a few of the ways we treat trauma and PTSD, then contact us today for help.

Identifying the Best Treatment for Trauma and PTSD

Before diving into the therapeutic approaches used to treat trauma disorders, it’s important to start from the beginning. Not every treatment will work for everyone, so identifying individual issues becomes a priority. This starts when one of our trained clinicians sits down with a new client to identify their specific needs and underlying issues.

Common co-occurring disorders are not uncommon when traumatizing events occur. A person may begin abusing alcohol or drugs when coping with trauma, and this will create additional considerations for a treatment plan. It’s also necessary to examine the traumatic event itself along with how the issue developed and progressed over time.

Once we make a determination regarding the specifics of a client’s issues, the professionals at our trauma and PTSD treatment center can create the right plan for the future. Approaches for coping with trauma may vary significantly — as you’ll see below — but the fact remains that treatment exists for everyone.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

When diagnosing and treating PTSD, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most frequently used approaches to treatment. This is a psycho-social intervention that helps patients recognize and change negative thoughts and behaviors. The development of coping strategies and improved emotional regulation are also central to this therapy.

There are various ways of coping with trauma even within the CBT spectrum. Each of these methods are problem-focused and action-oriented. We offer a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches at Transformations Treatment Center, but the following cognitive behavioral therapies are some of our most effective.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Patients face their past trauma and the triggers that affect them. Discussing the event to gain power over it serves as one of the most effective approaches.

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Patients learn how to reframe their negative thoughts and feelings to assist in coping with trauma. Turning negative beliefs into positive ones can prove very productive.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Therapeutic professionals will guide clients through eye movements as they process traumatic thoughts and memories. Eye movements trigger specific areas within the brain, so this therapy can reduce the intensity of distressing emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.

CBT Is Powerful

Direct comparisons of CBT approaches do not help. While eye movement desensitization and reprocessing could show promise for one client, another may benefit most from prolonged exposure therapy. Regardless of the chosen treatment, though, cognitive behavioral therapy remains the primary intervention for those coping with trauma.

Alternative Therapies for Coping with Trauma and PTSD

In addition to the common methods of treating trauma and PTSD, Transformations Mending Fences also offers a variety of alternative approaches. There simply is no one-size-fits-all answer to recovery, so the availability of a range of therapies ensures that we have something for everyone.

The following list of alternative therapies we offer is not exhaustive, but it provides a good understanding of the many approaches available at our PTSD treatment center:

  • Art therapy.
  • Positive self-talk.
  • Drama therapy.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Equine therapy.
  • Creative writing.
  • Adventure therapy.
  • Artistic expression.
  • Sand tray therapy.

Coping with trauma is all about finding the path that works for you. At Transformations Mending Fences, this is our goal from the start. We’ll find the right combination of therapies that offer the best chance of helping you overcome trauma. Contact us today to learn more about any of our traditional or alternative therapeutic offerings.

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Traumatizing events can leave a person feeling completely helpless. Everyday activities a person once engaged in — or even enjoyed — may become seemingly impossible feats. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to make up a permanent part of your life. Coping with trauma may require intensive treatment for some, but even in these cases, you can regain control of your life.

Transformations Mending Fences has a staff of certified professionals on hand to help those dealing with trauma. Our PTSD treatment center may have a focus on posttraumatic stress, but our staff dedicates itself to helping clients overcome trauma in all its forms. Contact us today to learn how our range of therapeutic offerings can offer hope for you.