Coronavirus (COVID-19): Response and Updates for Clients, Families, and Referents

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10 Reasons Why Family Therapy is Important

10 Reasons Why Family Therapy Is Important Curious about why family therapy is important? Picture this scene… You’re at a family dinner having a nice meal when your brother decides to bring up politics. Within five minutes, your dad and brother are yelling at each other, your sister has left the table crying, and your…

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Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Codependency and PTSD

Can Childhood Trauma Lead to Codependency and PTSD? Do you suspect something terrible happened to you when you were a child and are worried about how it may affect you as an adult? Or perhaps you find yourself getting into toxic relationships where you lose yourself? Maybe you are easily startled or tend to avoid…

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 Residential Inpatient Treatment – What is RTC Really Like?

Residential Inpatient Treatment – What Is RTC Really Like? If you or a loved one is suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues, you may be wondering if residential inpatient treatment is a good option for recovery. A residential inpatient treatment center is a nationally accredited facility that provides 24-hour care for people with…

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Residential Inpatient Treatment vs Hospital Psychiatric Units

When seeking inpatient treatment for mental health or substance abuse issues, many people wonder if residential inpatient is the same thing as treatment in an inpatient psychiatric unit. Although both types of treatments are considered inpatient which means you sleep and eat at the facility, there are many differences between the two. Here we will…

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Helping Your Spouse Overcome Drug Addiction

When your spouse or partner struggles with drug addiction, you might feel overwhelmed, helpless, and afraid. Maybe you’re just plain exhausted from the endless cycle of empty promises and judgment from others. Here are some practical tips on how to help your spouse with drug addiction. If you can relate, don’t despair, and please know…

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Why Addiction Recovery is Important during Christmas

Why Addiction Recovery Is Important During Christmas Among those with a history of addiction, the holiday season comes with highs and lows — and each experience is unique. For some, Christmas is a time of warmth and love. For others, it’s a tough time, especially for those without family. If you have an ongoing history…

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Residential Mental Health Services Florida

5 Habits That Promote Sobriety

Upon successful completion of active addiction treatment, an important next step is learning how to promote sobriety in recovery. This starts with lifestyle habits and behaviors that underscore the fact that recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong process. Overcoming addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and eliminating drug and alcohol-related behaviors will require you to consider…

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Florida PHP Rehab Program

What to Expect at a Substance Abuse Evaluation

A substance abuse evaluation is one of the first things you’ll undergo once you enter substance abuse treatment. It’s used to create a recovery plan unique to your situation. After all, substance abuse looks different for each person, depending on the extent of their addiction and the factors contributing to it. This means substance abuse evaluations…

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trauma bond relationship

Trauma Responses in Relationships: Are You Affected?

Trauma bonding often happens in abusive relationships, whether romantic or otherwise. Since trauma bonds can be challenging to break and cause lasting effects even after leaving the abusive relationship, it’s important to get professional help as you begin to heal moving forward.

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drug abuse vs drug addiction

Drug Abuse vs Drug Addiction: How Far Is Too Far?

It’s possible to abuse drugs without becoming addicted to them, but in some cases, repeated drug abuse leads to a physical dependence on the substance. It’s a subtle difference, but understanding how to spot it can help someone before it’s too late. Learn more about the differences between drug abuse and addiction so you or your loved one can get needed help. 

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