At Transformations Mending Fences in Morriston, FL, we understand the journey to recovery is unique for each individual. That’s why we’ve partnered with Carelon Behavioral Health insurance company, formerly Beacon Health Options, to offer a range of comprehensive treatment options, ensuring accessible and high-quality care for those battling mental health issues or substance abuse disorders.

Treatment for mental health conditions and concerns is not out of reach –  verify your Carelon Behavioral Health coverage for treatment at our rehab that accepts Carelon Behavioral Health insurance today.

Transformations Mending Fences is a rehab that accepts Carelon behavioral health for behavioral health services and mental health disorders

Our Treatment Center Services Covered by Carelon Behavioral Health

Residential Mental Healthcare

Residential mental health care is a comprehensive form of treatment for individuals dealing with mental health disorders, substance abuse issues, or co-occurring disorders. It involves patients living full-time in a treatment facility receiving around-the-clock care and support. The coverage of residential mental health care by Carelon Behavioral Health insurance, like most health insurance plans, can vary based on the specific policy and the individual’s needs. Our residential mental health services include:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP Rehab is a unique blend of intensive outpatient care and independence. It’s ideal for individuals transitioning from inpatient treatment or requiring more support than traditional outpatient services. The program offers a structured environment with access to daily therapeutic sessions, medical supervision, and peer support while allowing clients to apply their learning in real-world settings.

If substance abuse or alcohol addiction treatment at our center is necessary in addition to mental health treatment, Carelon Behavioral Health also covers treatment for drug abuse treatment services.

Specialized Programs

Specialized Programs for Veterans and First Responders

Our veterans and first responders face unique challenges, and our specialized programs and therapy services are designed to meet these needs. We address issues like PTSD, job-related stress, and chemical dependency with targeted therapies and support systems. Our veteran and first responder programs focus on building resilience, coping strategies, and a supportive community, helping our heroes find peace and recovery.

SoundPath Recovery

This innovative program harnesses the power of music for therapeutic purposes in mental health treatment. SoundPath Recovery integrates music therapy into the treatment process, offering clients a creative outlet for expression and emotional exploration. Whether it’s through playing instruments, writing songs, or engaging in guided music listening sessions, this program helps unlock new healing pathways.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Our equine-assisted psychotherapy is a transformative experience that involves interaction with horses to promote emotional and psychological growth to aid in treating mental health conditions like PTSD. This therapy is particularly effective in building trust, empathy, and communication skills. It’s a powerful tool for those who find traditional therapy settings challenging. It offers a unique way to explore personal issues and develop new coping strategies in a serene and natural setting.

a person at Transformations Mending Fences receiving mental health services covered by their insurance provider, Carelon Behavioral Health

Why Choose Transformations Mending Fences?

Expert Care

At the heart of Transformations Mending Fences is our team of master’s level clinicians, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields. Our professionals are not just experts in treating mental health disorders; they are deeply empathetic individuals who understand the complexities of each client’s journey. They are committed to providing compassionate care that respects each person’s dignity and individuality, ensuring that every treatment plan is effective but also nurturing and supportive.

Accredited and Licensed

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our steadfast adherence to national standards. Transformations Mending Fences is fully accredited and licensed, signifying our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of care and professionalism. This accreditation is a testament to our rigorous treatment protocols, ethical practices, and continuous efforts to stay abreast of the latest mental health treatment programs and advancements. Clients and their families can trust our proven quality and accountability track record.

a person with Carelon Behavioral Health mental health treatment coverage receiving counseling services and treatment at Transformations Mending Fences for their mental health

Tailored Treatment

We recognize that recovery is a personal journey with no one-size-fits-all approach. We create tailored treatment plans catering to each client’s needs and goals. Our approach involves thoroughly assessing each client’s situation, including their medical history, personal challenges, and specific recovery goals. Based on this assessment, we craft a personalized treatment plan that may include a combination of therapies, counseling, and support services, all designed to provide the most effective path to recovery.

Supportive Community

Recovery extends beyond individual treatment; it thrives in a community and supportive environment. At Transformations Mending Fences, we foster a supportive and inclusive community environment. Our alumni network is a vibrant and active community, offering a space for former clients to connect, share their experiences, and support each other. Additionally, our comprehensive family program plays a crucial role in the recovery process, involving family members in therapy sessions and educational programs. This community-centric approach ensures that our clients and their families have a strong support system during and after the treatment, promoting lasting recovery and well-being.

Begin Your Journey with Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance

Navigating insurance for treatment can be overwhelming. Our in-network partnership with Carelon Behavioral Health Insurance simplifies this process. We work closely with your Carelon behavioral health plan to ensure you receive the maximum benefits for your treatment, making your path to recovery as smooth as possible.

Recovery is a courageous step, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact our admissions team to learn how we can assist with your treatment and insurance coverage. Let us help you find your path to healing and transformation.