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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Navy

While the U.S. Navy isn’t the largest branch of the Armed Forces, it still plays a significant role in the fight to stop substance abuse and alcoholism in the military. It was the first branch to institute a zero-tolerance policy on illicit drug use. Unfortunately, this did not effectively end drug and alcohol abuse in the Navy. And for veterans, the problem is even bigger.

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Marines

The Marine Corps is one of the smallest branches of the military, but it’s also one of the most highly trained. Its units take on missions that would typically only fall to the most specialized units of other branches, and unfortunately, this has led to high rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the Marines. Even worse, these behaviors are often viewed as acceptable within the ranks.

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Best Treatment Programs for Substance Use Problems for VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is tasked with providing vital services to military service members once they leave active duty — including those related to healthcare. Unfortunately, many vets end up needing treatment programs for substance abuse issues. While using drugs isn’t common within ranks, addiction rates skyrocket after they leave the service.

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Drug Abuse in Veterans Causes Effects And Treatment

Drug Abuse in Veterans: Causes and Effects

The difficulties of serving your country in the military don’t end simply because you’re discharged. The effects of stress, trauma, injuries, and other negative outcomes can follow a person for life. This partially explains the issue America currently faces with drug abuse in veterans. But while addiction is a persistent enemy, victory in the battle is achievable.

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Alcoholism in Veterans: Causes and Effects

Just because people leave the military doesn’t mean the military leaves them. While there are many traits learned in the Armed Forces that carry over positively into civilian life, this isn’t the case for everything. One of the biggest issues facing the men and women who served America is alcoholism in veterans. Unfortunately, many aspects of the military can cause this.

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